The Birdquiz is an Android app for identifying birds and for the training of birdcalls.
The main functions:

With *Hear* you can quickly select a bird and listen to the birdcall. Under *Wiki* you get the appropriate Wikipedia entry. In the forest and no reception? No problem, under *Info* there is the most important information offline. The *Gallery* shows birds full screen and plays the birdcalls. By wiping you can navigate.

And the main thing: In the *Quiz* birdcalls are played randomly and the correct birds have to be found. The difficulty of the app can be set using various adjusting screws. For example, up to six birds can sing at the same time. Statistics are also offered, indicating, how well you already know the individual voices of the birds.

All functions together make the app a personal bird trainer, which can be well used to improve one's skills in identifying birds. The info and wiki features make the Birdquiz to a small but fine reference book.

The app is optimized for smartphones and tablets of different sizes. It therefore uses different layouts for the user interface depending on the device and its orientation. Besides of that, the Birdquiz was tested for “Accessibility” and should be playable, with some limitations, also for blind people. For this, the Android “Talk Back” option must be turned on.

The app is currently entirely in German, English and French available. Next to it are the bird names and categories in Danish, Finnish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Slovak, Spanish, Czech and Turkish available.

There are two versions of this app: For beginners and for trying out, the gratis “Birdquiz Free” with more than 30 birdcalls and for professionals or people, who want to give something back, the chargeable “Birdquiz Pro” with over 150 birdcalls:

The following info video shows the main features:

Press release: Vogelquiz_Pressemitteilung.pdf

So have fun with playing and learning!