Birdquiz Version 2.1.0

Just in time for the World Cup in Russia we have delivered the missing Russian translation. Perfect, to learn in the half-time the bird names in the language of the host!

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Birdquiz Version 2.0.0

Google has declared the development environment Android Studio as strategic. Therefore also we switch with version 2.0.0 from Eclipse to this software. Besides that, now there are translations of the bird names and categories available for the following 13 languages: Danish

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Birdquiz Version 1.8.0

Originally planned as christmas present, after some work the release 1.8.0 has been completed shortly after new Year. The "Nightingale" joined the "Birdquiz Free" and in "Birdquiz Pro" the following 17 new birds have been added: Bearded Reedling, Eurasian Penduline Tit, Spotted Redshank, Sort-toed Treecreeper, Woodlark, Arctic Tern, Spoonbill, Night Heron, Barnacle Goose, Great grey Shrike, Tufted Duck, Rook, Gadwall, Kentish Plover, Northern Pintail, Common Moorhen, Common Treecreeper

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Birdquiz Version 1.7.0

Because the “TADA” obviously was a little bit annyoing for some of our users, I added a volume control for the effects. Further more it is now possible to expand the bird pictures under Info by klicking. For the Pro version, we have added 16 new Birds: Grey-headed Woodpecker, Crested Lark

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Birdquiz Version 1.6.0

Some birds did not make it into version 1.5.0 between Christmas and New Year. These are provided now. In the "Free" version we added the famous birds “Mute Swan” and “White Stork”. For the "Pro" version the following 16 birds have been added:

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Birdquiz Version 1.5.0

After some work, the release 1.5.0 has now been finished shortly after Christmas: In the "Free" version there are added 9 and in the "Pro" version 35 new birds have been added. In particular a lot of birds of the wetlands now enrich the app. Despite the rich

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Birdquiz Version 1.3.0

The Crested tit now joined the Vogelquiz Pro.  

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Birdquiz Version 1.2.0

As of today there is a new option “Show Photos”, making it easier for beginners, getting to know the birds.

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Birdquiz in French

With version 1.1.0 the Birdquiz has been fully translated into French.

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Birdquiz Article

Under the following link there is a report of the "Donauzeitung" newspaper about the bird quiz:

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